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The World Famous Oscar Winning Movie Screenplay Plot line Generator for Burned Out Film Producers
Are you a burned out hollywood movie producer, looking for that next high grossing blockbuster. Can't be bothered to employee high quality writers? Well this is the tool for you. Hit reload again and again for more & more of those wonderful film ideas that you crave so badly. Each one more full of Oscar winning potential than the last.

Here is your Movie - One of an incredible 86526620200 septillion possible combinations!

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This Presidents Day at a video store near you . From the noble Screenwriter Randy Guy who worked hard on films like "Pink Fear " and the motion picture that changed it all "Pink Cube ", the motion picture that critics are calling "the worst pile of junk ever ".

The Light Lion

He was an edgy C list celebrity, who had a a phobia of Frenchmen and an adamantium coated skull. She was a giggling porn star who won the vietnam war for America and looked good doing it. Together they travelled to the Moon. Fighting the devil and staying one step ahead of the authorities.

8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - -

I don't know about you, but I smell an oscar. You have your idea now get writing or HIT RELOAD on your browser for another blockbuster screenplay idea.

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